Building a broad impact ecosystem for stronger communities and lasting economic growth across New York City

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The New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) is one of the largest government departments focused on promoting and implementing economic growth throughout New York City. NYCEDC wanted to create a new division to bolster the City’s mission-driven organizations and broader impact ecosystem for strong communities and lasting economic growth. Ideon launched a bold new brand known as the ‘Social Capital Desk’ which continues to stimulate social enterprise and bottom-line impact in each borough.

Before coming to Ideon, NYCEDC had a desk with a powerful purpose but an untold and fragmented story with untapped resources. Ideon conducted market research to inform the need for a new desk with a tangible story and viable outcomes. We transformed the notion of ‘desks’ from bureaucratic and “What” service based to innovative in the desk’s new “Why” story, to nimbly enable businesses to succeed economically and socially for the greater good of all NYC’s diverse citizens.

Ideon developed the name “Social Capital Desk” around the economic expertise, community talent and potential it would unlock throughout New York City. The name reflects the desk’s role as an innovation platform and sets social capital standards, posing NYC as a role model for other American cities looking to foster blended value economies—and thus performing as a placemaking strategy for NYC.

A new comprehensive marketing deck demonstrates the desk’s ability to fuel NYC citizen’s economic growth accompanied by comprehensive steps to transform EDC’s internal culture to align with the desk. A single, easily understood mission aims to grow the presence and impact of the social sector within New York City. In a new “living” marketing bible, Ideon instructed employees and stakeholders on the internal and external language and messaging tools to propel the desk’s brand vision and voice, which unites the social sector and powers inclusion vs. siloed views driving most past initiatives. This bible functions as the baseline brief for any new marketing efforts including pitching, sharing, recruiting, or promotion.

The new social capital desk fueled NYC’s nonprofit sector and the communities it serves, empowering all with innovative social enterprise projects and currency. Previously underserved NYC communities in Brooklyn and Queens have enjoyed huge growth as a result of NYCED’s social capital deck.

Ideon is honored to have created this visionary new desk and brand story which will continue to fuel diverse community economic growth for years to come.

EDC’s former Vice President Eleni Janis is a fan, explaining "I love the name and the pitch deck, not just the language but the focus and the strategic planning Ideon did for us and with us. It's perfect for years to come under any mayor’s direction. The more I learn the easier it gets.”