Reset your direction

Research, measurement, insight
We identify your most potent brand awareness opportunity by analyzing your business, markets, stakeholders, competitors, and cultural shifts.

Promise, positioning, platform
We define your "Why" brand positioning: why it's important that you exist, what makes you different and what you exist to do in the most differentiated, relevant, and compelling way.

Brand architecture and portfolio structure
We create naming hierarchies to make you stand out, and design systems to ensure customers connect with you and easily navigate your offerings.

Innovation and customer experience
We help you create products and services, and while customer experiences that offer new and better ways for people to engage with you.

Stakeholder alignment
We build the case for change at all internal and external stakeholder levels and use your marketing strategy to bring fans, influencers, and challengers on the journey to brand loyalty.

Verbal identity and messaging
We ensure you have a distinctive brand voice and messages to fit your business and manage your stakeholders wants, needs, and likes.

Reinvent your presence

Visual identity
We activate your brand positioning and promise with the basic creative building blocks all brands require: from logo creation to color palette, typography and imagery that creates the brand awareness you desire.

Sensory identity
We ensure your brand's expression creates a presence and connects with your customers in non-visual ways, appealing to their sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing, and putting them in just the right mood to engage with you.

User interface and design
We help you translate your brand identity into an intuitive interface, so it's easy to navigate and prosper in the digital environment.

Visual identity guidelines and toolkits
We equip your people with the practical tools they need for your marketing strategy and brand management, and to maximize your shift.

Launch and activation
We design the experience and the events of your launch, internally externally, and help you keep momentum post-launch.

Realize your shift

Culture alignment and employee experience
We help define your organization's strategic shift by explaining your values, what you offer employees, and what it means to work for you, and why work for you vs others in the category.

Employee Engagement
We help your people understand and learn what needs to shift, and how to do things differently, through online social learning, workshops and communications, brand champion programs and activations.

Organizational excellence
We raise the performance of your brand management and marketing department by redefining their mandate, structure, and operation.

Brand management
We see brand development as an investment (not a cost) so we measure your progress to see how hard your brand is working to generate and secure revenue.

Client testimonials



Ideon greatly increased our visibility in the market. They are helping us win new engagements by bringing us a new brand identity and creating a strategy for constant and sustained dialog with our clients and the media.

Dawn Quinn, Director, EY, Americas-Strategy and Transactions, Culture and Change

When I came on board, NCT was a company with a logo and a suitcase full of assets, but not a distinctive brand. It was really time to rethink and establish what we were about. Ideon hasmanaged this with great skill, tapping into research, strategy, design and brand activation to solidify the many areas we embrace.

Moira Katz, CEO, NCT

Ideon is a powerhouse of ideas! Andrea is a hands-on leader and equal participant in the entire ideation and creative process. Follow-through and service from her team is top notch. Highly recommended!

Nandika Madgavkar, SVP Communications, MetLife

Ideon’s rebranding of Accion was a crucial step in the evolution of the organization into a truly global nonprofit. Since the rebranding, Accion has significantly enhanced its visibility as a major global nonprofit, with numerous new partners on four continents. Ideon's work played an important part in that evolution.

Michael Schlein, CEO, Accion

Ideon was instrumental in helping us refresh our brand and develop an outreach campaign brilliantly designed and implemented by CoolGraySeven that was successful opening new doors togrow our business.

Barbara Close, CEO, Naturapathica

Let me extend my congratulations to you and your entire team on an excellent celebration of 110 years of Parker’s service to the community, and a wonderful launch of Parker's new brand. It was a flawless event, inclusive of all our sites, staff and residents and the local communities, appropriately celebratory and uplifting, in short, a tremendous success. We do make aging a part of Life!

Roberto Muniz, President and CEO, Parker Health Group

I have long been a fan of Ideon’s creative energy and chutzpah. Ideon can take a run-of-the-mill initiative and infuse it with the energy, color and brand presence that immediately draws the viewer’s eye and attention.

Nandika Madgavkar, SVP of Citi Community Development, Citi

Ideon's brand process was illuminating and landed us on ground that is uniquely Give To Get's. They are pros and can make you look like a genius!

Grady Lee, CEO & Co-Founder, Give to Get

The company was thrilled with the results, and speaks highly of Ideon, saying, “Ideon helped us discover firsthand what technologies wow the average shoppers and what disappoints, and now Leroy Merlin is ready to take on transformative opportunities to deliver a completely integrated experience to our customers.

Stefania Savona, Director of Communications, Leroy Merlin

Ideon’s new branding in support of Optum Rx has led to much greater market awareness and interest leading to an 85% increase in bid opportunities and to a very successful launch of an entirely new business for UnitedHealthGroup.”

Michael J. Cunningham, COO, Optum, United HealthCare

Of the organizations that we considered for this work, we identified Ideon as the one most likely to bring fresh thinking and an innovative perspective. The data arising from research and the creativity of Ideon’s team expanded our thinking about the NBME brand […] refining and moving our brand in a way that effectively leveraged our rich history while positioning us to achieve our aspirations.

Peter Katsufrakis, CEO, NBME

Ideon strategically consulted over years to help grow our business via a deeper understanding of our customers. Thanks to Ideon's broad-scale analysis, unique insights and CRM strategies, we've renewed and strengthened consumers' loyalty and love for the brand. [We] just can't thank [them] enough.

Emily Schwinge, SVP CRM, Estee Lauder

If creating and promoting a strong brand is the way you need to go, you’ll find no better agency to work with than Ideon.

Daniel Mangan, Director of Advocacy and Public Affairs, D'Agostino

I have long been a fan of Ideon’s creative energy and chutzpah. Ideon can take a run-of-the-mill initiative and infuse it with the energy, color and brand presence that immediately draws the viewer’s eye and attention.

Nandika Madgavkar, SVP of Citi Communitiy Development, International Literacy Association