What we are

Welcome to Ideon, the insight, data-driven and design branding agency.

You want an iconic brand. Anything less wastes time and money. From brand strategies and visual identities
to experiential
environments—let our top-flight work multiply the power and value of your brands.

Why Ideon

Want to shift your brand and business? Ideon can.

We care deeply about discovering, designing and delivering brand strategies, stories, designs and experiences
that make a real difference for your business. From top and bottom-line sales and your customers to the neighborhoods
and communities we all live in, Ideon will get it done. We’re curious, invested and tenacious.

What we do

Your Ideon resources.

We collaborate with you and use our branding expertise to leverage your business at any stage. We love building
brilliant "Why" brand solutions in all areas of research, strategy, design, functionality and technology.  We’ll simplify 
your complex business problems and solve them with measurable results.

In our proprietary three-stage approach, big ideas designed to solve thorny market challenges are our stock in trade.
We creatively leverage research, transform it into insightful strategies and larger than life visual and verbal expressions
to drive your "Why" brand.


In brand research, we scrutinize your
business’ stakeholders, data and stories
to develop unique insights that uncover your biggest competitive advantages and
the brand growth opportunities to shift your business from "What" to "Why."


In planning, we make your "Why" business stand out with the right positioning, naming, architecture and creative design. We're holistic and collaborative: We’re not just strategists; we’re brand actualizers. Building your "Why" brand and business is our honor–it is as intellectually rigorous as it is creatively thrilling.


With an informed and clear strategic direction, we ensure your brand shines across all visual/verbal language and communication channels. You'll be ready to go live, internally and externally. We'll leave you with a vibrant, fully articulated and unique category-dominant "Why" brand. 



Qualitative and quantitative research
Brand equity and perception research
Stakeholder interviews and management


Brand strategy
Brand architecture and portfolio management
Brand positioning
Business and product planning
Partnerships, cobranding and placemaking


Name development
Tagline development
Nomenclature development


Logo and identity design
Digital user experience and user interface
Print and collateral design
Product design
Photography and illustration
Motion graphics, film and production
Information graphics and visualization
Environments, exhibits and placemaking
Wayfinding and signage
Sourcing, fabrication and installation


Digital production
Print production
Media production


Communication plans and development
Employee training
Messaging strategy
Stakeholder communications

Shifting to a global engagement model

Calibrating around customer centricity

Delivering leadership experiences

Transforming shopper experiences

Pivoting to customer experiences

Our clients have seen
dramatic transformations.

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Transforming lives and livelihoods

Unifying for global social impact

Synchronizing online and offline experiences

Enabling a national care model

Who we are

Meet your leaders

For "Why" branding you need  a vibrant leadership team that puts science and art at the heart of everything it does.
These drive us as people, enlighten the clients 
we partner with, shine light on the branding discoveries we make, and drive
the businesses we grow. We’ve got deep Madison Avenue experience 
and a track record of brilliant results. Ultimately we're
"producer managers" which is a fancy way of saying you'll never get a junior "B" team at Ideon!