Pivoting a new impact investing firm from a sea of costly me-too lenders to the fair play go-to solution for venture capitalists and small business owners alike

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Small business owners in the United States have dealt with a long history of exclusion when looking for fair start-up capital and investment borrowing. Banks categorize small businesses as “risky”, forcing them into unfair, high-interest loans with other financial institutions and credit card lenders, which mitigates the success they want to realize from investment capital. 

Equivico emerged in 2019 as the newest solution to this institutionally inequitable problem. This impact investing firm connects institutional investors to underserved, capital seeking entrepreneurs, addressing the need for fair small business loans. 

Initially Funded by the National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC), the nation’s most influential banking advocacy group, Equivico is now a standalone investment fund, positioned to usher in a new era of impact investing in the 21st century.


In the earliest stages of development, Ideon worked closely with Equivico to establish its name, brand positioning, story and brand identity. The voice of Equivico was designed to embody clarity, trust, and equity in a world of financial uncertainty for entrepreneurs. 

The simple name “Equivico”— “delivering equity and giving life”—transcends the “What” based lending industry and taps into the emotional appeal of fairness. The story designed by Ideon appeals to both investors and entrepreneurs, and emphasizes how smart investments can generate revenue for both parties, while simultaneously benefitting underserved communities.


The new positioning and salient brand identity crafted by Ideon has enabled Equivico to solidify its position as a leader in impact investing, and to begin to deliver solutions to entrepreneurs in need. Equivico will begin offering grants and training workshops for entrepreneurs in 2022.