Pivoting a new impact investing firm as the go-to solution for venture capitalists and small business owners alike

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While small businesses are the main driver of new job creation in the USA, most small business owners are unable to generate the required start-up capital. In particular people of color, women, and low- and moderate-income individuals can’t access small business loans from banks, since banks perceive as riskier and less profitable vs. medium and large companies. How can such a vital part of the USA’s economic landscape be excluded from the capital they need to succeed?

Equivico has emerged as the newest solution to this institutionally inequitable problem. This impact investing firm connects institutional investors such as venture capitalists to underserved, capital seeking small business owners. With its finger on the pulse of both socially responsible investment trends as well as the unmet need for small business loans, Equivico is a unique finance firm with solutions to thorny lending problems. Funded by the National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC), the nation’s most influential banking advocacy group, Equivico is positioned to drive a new era of impact investing in the 21st century.

Ideon worked closely with Equivico in its earliest stages, developing its name, brand positioning, story and brand identity. The voice of Equivico was designed to embody clarity, trust, and equity. The simple name transcends the opaque “What” based lending industry and taps into the emotional appeal of fairness. Ideon designed a crystal-clear story to speak to both financial markets and small businesses, emphasizing the ways that smart investment can bring economic prosperity to underserved communities while generating revenue for both investors and entrepreneurs.

The name “Equivico” derives from the latin root word “equ”, a testament to the firm’s goal of achieving equality through banking. A rich gold and blue color pallet stands out in the category, symbolizing why clients should work with this new gold standard of equity in investment.

Ideon handcrafted a simple and sleek logotype and font to portray a clean, contemporary and cutting edge firm.  With the logo’s handcrafted font, Ideon also designed a secondary asset, a symbol inspired by the classic equal sign – a unique representation of equality for all.

The new positioning and salient brand identity have enabled Equivico to build the firm in uncharted financial and investment waters and to start to make impact investing work in post Covid-19 times.

Eleni Delimpaltadaki Janis, Fund Manager at Equivico is a fan, explaining "Thank you Andrea and Ideon, for brilliant branding in every aspect."