Give To Get

Pivoting a global agency for good into a collaborative social purpose initiative and activation engine

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Give to Get is a 20-year-old, Los Angeles and London based social impact agency for corporates and non-profits alike, helping to activate brands and boost their social impact. Give to Get came to Ideon amidst a rapidly changing landscape where they lacked a clear and unique brand identity. They also faced major competitive threats given deep strategic shifts in the event, experience and social impact markets. Harnessing the agency’s reputable legacy, Ideon designed a transformational “What to Why” rebrand to propel Give to Get into the future of social purpose.

Although Give to Get had a strong legacy of working with large clients, many perceived the agency as a “What” centric disparate group focused on tactical events run out of Human Resources departments. To change that perception, Ideon refreshed this outdated brand with a new, high visibility brand positioning which moves its clients beyond corporate “do-gooding”, into a space of powerful brands with measurable social impact.

A reimagination of the business name turned “Gv2Gt” into “Give to Get”, taking a confusing and off-brand name into a meaningful one with gravitas. The logo and monogram were designed in a dynamic circle, underscored by a new tagline “purpose in motion”. This “What to Why” shift reflects Ideon’s larger reinvention of the business from a generalist in event management into a catalyst for social purpose with measurable and vigorous results.

The refined color palate features crisp blue tones which distinguish the new core brand. Such clarity of branding is reinforced through a playful pinwheel graphic which curves the Give to Get name around a dynamic circle, highlighting the agency’s goal of serving as a galvanizing and visionary force for its clients. These visual elements are on display at Give to Get’s new website and brochure, designed by Ideon to bring the clear new brand identity, image style and color scheme to life.

Ideon helped Give to Get tap into a diverse audience of C-Suite leaders, creating a new verbal identity for the agency to navigate the category in a unique and unprecedented way. We shifted their focus in the market from event management, a broad and increasingly common term, to a unique measurable triple bottom line—making the talent, the brand, and the world better.

As a result of Ideon’s rebranding efforts, Give to Get has driven more retention, recruitment, and brand loyalty, growing into a national social impact agency.

Ideon is honored to have transformed this 20-year-old agency from one which was out of touch with its audience and into a C-Suite leader in social purpose fueled by a crisp identity.

Grady Lee, CEO & Co-Founder of Give To Get is a fan, explaining "Ideon's brand process was illuminating and landed us on ground that is uniquely Give To Get's. They are pros and can make you look like a genius!"









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