United Healthcare

Transforming around customer centricity for Optum and UHC, the world’s largest healthcare insurance brand

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United Healthcare began its journey with Ideon when the Insurance giant had reached a place of stagnant growth, and saw a unique opportunity for improvement in its newest data driven pharmaceutical offering, “OptumRx”. 

While the company had been one of the largest Fortune 500 healthcare brands for nearly 50 years, it had yet to develop its technology-focused arm, and sought Ideon’s help in activating its growth ambition, attracting clients and shifting the market for employees and consumers. 


To revolutionize United Healthcare’s business model, Ideon began by altering the firm’s brand architecture. This meant integrating OptumRx into the total offering, and prioritizing UHC’s clients in an effort to become a health solution provider for all audiences. 

Through a customized, strategic sales deck, Ideon enabled UHC to shift its brand voice to convey confidence, respect and appreciation while also being advocate for consumer choice. This positioning echoes throughout all visual materials, which were designed to humanize the customer experience while remaining accessible and visually appealing. 

The ultimate shift from a “What” to a “Why” brand narrative led UHC to success in capturing the market. 


This bold, transformational branding vaulted United Healthcare’s Fortune 100 sales, positioning the company to grow under ACA legislation and become the largest health insurance company in the US by membership. 

Michael J. Cunningham, former-COO of Optum explains, "Ideon’s new branding in support of Optum Rx has led to much greater market awareness and interest leading to an 85% increase in bid opportunities and to a very successful launch of an entirely new business for UnitedHealthGroup.” 

Ideon is honored to have catapulted UnitedHealthcare’s Why brand and continues to support the company as it leads in the healthcare industry.