Pearson Plc

Enabling a global education publisher to lead the modern era of digital learning and dominate the category

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Pearson Plc is one of the world’s largest textbook publishers. As digital materials became ubiquitous in the education world, Pearson struggled to evolve its longstanding culture of paper catalogs, sales tools and print materials, and fell far behind competitors who were becoming increasingly savvy online.

As world started to rapidly shift away from paper, Pearson had no playbook for how educators would buy products and teach information in an increasingly digital environment. Ideon was tasked with shifting Pearson US from a narrowband “What” provider of catalogs, communications and textbooks to a modernized “Why” brand, in tune with digital demands and new demographics. 


Ideon initiated a series of competitive trend audits that tested Pearson’s US messaging with district superintendents and primary and secondary school curriculum directors. This enabled Ideon to gauge key education officer’s reactions to Pearson and its materials, and revealed the company already owned dramatically positive brand associations. 

With the influx of new intelligence, Ideon developed a comprehensive strategy detailing market opportunities and equity points to leverage and optimize its approach to primary and secondary education. This transformed Pearson education into a new, seamless, multi-channel experience for educators, professionals and students alike.

To further contemporize communications, Ideon unified all elements of Pearson’s visual identity to be crisp, creative and compelling and to trigger positive associations. This research, strategy and design work comprehensively retooled Pearson US as a unique leader with a focus on delivering eTextbooks, multimedia and learning management systems in education.          


Today, Pearson continues this enormous transformation from traditional textbook publisher to a digital brand, and now caters to education in and beyond school and college, such as adult reskilling programs. There are signs that Pearson’s digital turnaround is finally showing signs of bearing fruit.

Gregg Driben, former SVP of Marketing at Pearson says, “Ideon’s work has been, absolute proof of the power of great thinking, great interpersonal skills, great research, strategies and ideas. Andrea and her team gave us everything we need to compete and communicate successfully. I can’t speak highly enough about the whole experience.”