Transforming omnichannel beauty shopper experiences to propel growth and commercialization

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Since 1995, Naturopathica has been committed to educating the public on the benefits of holistic health and its connection to beauty. The NYC-based company came to Ideon to rethink its brand and products, which use the healing power of plants and clean, sustainable ingredients. In addition to reinventing Naturopathica’s storyline, Ideon and a consortium of agencies redesigned the packaging re imagined the company logo, marketing and sales materials, and initiatives to transform its What Brand into a Why Brand.

To build the most brilliant solution for Naturopathica’s brand, Ideon conducted intense qualitative, quantitative, brand equity, and perception research. Our findings revealed that consumers, not just spas, wanted to access organic beauty products. Further, we discovered a deep customer attachment to Naturopathica’s iconic blue bottles and apothecary story as well as rising trends in the holistic beauty market. Our research informed the why brand positioning, messaging and a design strategy based on quality, natural ingredients and environmental sustainability, well before this was the norm in the cosmetics industry

New packaging maintains Naturopathica’s iconic and trusted blue while harkening back to the feel of apothecary test tube bottles. Each product is adorned with the new bold logo which distinguishes Naturopathica as a contemporary, human facing yet high-quality beauty brand. The bottles are both antiquated and holistic which, when combined with the new, contemporary logo, activate a brand at the intersection of luxury and natural beauty. 

Ideon crafted a new, intimate and credible brand voice based on organic authenticity. The new strapline, “A Better Beauty”, repositions the brand as the expert source for natural beauty solutions, educative partner and holistic pamperer. Speaking with integrity, authority, and environmental concern, this voice is distinct and unique.

With clarity of brand voice, Naturopathica was vaulted by Ideon into new e-commerce and social media sales territory. Ideon also engineered and activated a marketing sales campaign to the top 100 US spas that trained the company in the meaning and power of the brand.

“The Direct Marketing Campaign linked the brand to the ground level customer base right as trends in sustainable beauty and health were on the rise. Strategic vision informed by data made this campaign revolutionary to future success.”

"Ideon was instrumental in helping us refresh our brand and develop an outreach campaign that was successful opening new doors to grow our business,” enthused CEO Barbara Close, “Andrea have a winning combination of fresh ideas and attention to detail that allowed us to execute a successful strategic branding, marketing and sales plan."

Naturopathica’s bold, honest, direct new brand ignited the company’s direct sales by 38% and wholesale by 20%. Ideon is honored to have helped Naturopathica grow in relevance and achieve their goal of acquisition as a result of the new branding. The brand was acquired in late 2018 by GF Capital Management & Advisors, a testament to the power of branding in business growth.

Barbara Close, ex-CEO of Naturopathica, is a fan, explaining "Ideon was instrumental in helping us refresh our brand and develop an outreach campaign brilliantly designed and implemented by CoolGraySeven that was successful opening new doors to grow our business."