Leroy Merlin

Calibrating an omnichannel approach and seamless customer shopping experiences for this global DIY retailer

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Ideon created a vital, new omnichannel strategy for the legendary French home improvement and gardening retailer, Leroy Merlin. As one of the largest DIY retailers globally serving several countries across Europe, Asia, South America and Africa, the Leroy Merlin name enjoys tremendous brand equity. However, as the retail market started a digital transformation in the 2010’s, the brand failed to evolve with new technologies, e-commerce sales, and experiential trends. Ideon modernized Leroy Merlin, overhauling its brand & business strategy and services to position the company as the leader in DIY omni-retail.

Through in-depth third-party market research, mystery shopping and field visits, Ideon transformed Leroy Merlin’s outdated “transactional” shopping strategy into an immersive, experiential one. Not only were these research methods crucial to assessing which brands, technologies and digital offerings lead the retail sector, but they also educated Leroy Merlin executives on the net effects and scope of the retail revolution afoot in the USA.

Leading retailers were implementing digital technologies in dressing rooms, on shop floors and throughout stores, whether digital mirrors, e-commerce and lifestyle apps, TouchID for purchases, minimalist gallery spaces to showcase goods with VIP customer events, and wholly immersive in-store experiences which leverage technology to ease some of the biggest pain points of the brick and mortar shopping experience. 

The research illuminated the scale of digital offerings in retail and potential future trajectories and outcomes, informing development of Ideon’s strategy for Leroy Merlin. Ideon captured the market opportunity and calculated the optimal strategy for Leroy Merlin to emerge as the global leader in experiential DIY retail. This new shopping experience allows customers to feel connected to the supply chain within seamless and immersive shopping experiences.

Ideon identified three platforms to scale digitally transformative retail strategies with the most impact to the bottom line/ROI. Each cutting-edge platform was infused equally with empirical data and creative vision. Options such as a new promoter app where customers can curate shopper lists; new personalized videos to help customers in-store; and a new DIY forum where “makers” (customers) interact enthused Leroy Merlin. Leroy Merlin’s DIY and construction products are extremely in-demand and suited for e-commerce and immersive store experiences, as well as buying via social interactions, because of their inherent need for breadth.

In addition, Ideon crafted a phased implementation timeline for Leroy Merlin to visualize exactly how to build its omnichannel prowess and transform its brand equity and bottom line from What to Why over 3-5 years.

Leroy Merlin is keenly accelerating its digital and omnichannel transformation based on the engagement findings and outcomes. The new “Why”  brand strategy is both welcoming and high-tech – inviting customers to join the Leroy Merlin family now and into the future.

“Ideon helped us discover firsthand what technologies wow the average shoppers and what disappoints, and now Leroy Merlin is ready to take on transformative opportunities to deliver a completely integrated experience to our customers.”