Transforming customer experiences for a 30-year-old specialist sponsorship valuation consultancy

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International Entertainment Group (IEG), the global leader in sponsorship valuation and measurement solutions, came to Ideon with a vision to re-position itself as a specialist valuation consultancy defined by a clarity, cutting edge story and modern identity. Although the 30-year-old company already had a portfolio of significant assets and equity, IEG lacked a core brand to leverage that historical success into a clear reputation. Ideon transformed IEG through a naming, brand and design overhaul into the leading, forward-facing specialist valuation consultancy which is the most relevant and trusted by Fortune 1,000 Chief Marketing Officers with sponsorship properties to value.

Ideon creatively re-designed IEG’s visual identity to match its new bold and modern “Why” reputation. The word mark was beautifully crafted by hand in lowercase script in cerise. This new dark pink was a bold selection; it is both eye-catching and unique in the category.

All visual assets were revamped to emphasize IEG’s vital Fortune 1,000 CMO sponsorship buyers. Ideon’s brand design emphasizes a new gravitas, integrity, mystique, and transparency, visually clarifying IEG’s role in the entertainment, financial and sports market spaces.

Ideon’s brand positioning and story aligned IEG’s brand and business and daringly converted IEG to a sponsorship think-tank consultancy with new behaviors primed for the 21st century.

Through a re-imagination of the “IEG” acronym, Ideon transformed the company from International Events Group to Independent Evaluation and Guidance. The new acronym symbolizes a revolutionary shift in the company, allowing both internal and external stakeholders to understand how paradigmatic of a transformation is occurring within the brand. The terms “evaluation” and “guidance” reinforce the new tone, voice, and personality of the emerging specialist in sponsorship valuation.

The new brand was launched in a bold move at IEG’s annual conference where thousands experienced the new brand in action. Ideon developed all the conference materials and also trained employees as ambassadors launch, leveraging their belief in specialists owning the category, not generalists, and giving them the tools, language and mindset to win deals.

Ideon’s bold branding truly repositioned IEG as a leader in complex sponsorship valuation deals and working with Fortune 1,000 CMOs, fueling acquisition by WPP/GroupM and then Engine Shop. Ideon is honored to have turned an outdated “What” company into a competitive and revolutionary asset.

Laren Ukman, former CEO is a fan, explaining "The problem seemed simple but was fraught with complexities: 'Relaunch a 30-year-old company’ or ‘Launch a 30-year-old start up.’ Through great thinking, great interpersonal skills, great strategies and ideas, Andrea and the Ideon team gave us everything we need to compete and communicate successfully for the next 30 years. Can't speak highly enough about the whole experience."

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