Pivoting to customer experiences to achieve category leadership for the M&A division

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Headquartered in London, Ernst & Young is a multinational services firm that has amassed a great deal of acclaim and prowess as a a titan in the industry and as one of the coveted “Big Four” global professional services firms.

EY’s Strategy and Transactions division is one of their largest, billion-dollar and highest performing divisions. The brand came to Ideon looking to transition this M&A division to strengthen client partnerships, advise on winning strategies and achieve successful outcomes.

The division was already working for clients in highly sophisticated ways; however, it lacked a distinct brand reputation versus competitors at PWC, KPMG and Accenture. Ideon elevated the M&A division from a loose “What” based transactional services group into a cohesive, distinct and peerless “Why” brand.


The Why brand that Ideon crafted hinges on the duality of EY winning client work and EY helping clients win in their M&A deals, based on EY’s clear-eyed advisory and achieving desired outcomes. This is embodied and communicated in SaT’s new “Strategy to Success” positioning.

Along with this, Ideon created a new visual identity, linking every facet of the division to its unwavering commitment to clients. This vast rebranding, repositioning and story-telling elevated the division’s internal visibility, value and engagement with clients, and long-term competitive positioning.

Ideon also branded and redesign assets including SaT’s Biannual Capital Confidence Barometer Report, and its annual Global Corporate Divestment Report as elegant, engaging, and informative, to clearly distinguish EY as a bold thought leader. 

SaT Service brochures and reports are adorned with victorious athletes to invoke winning, build the emotional trust with clients and humanize the division. Visually, emotionally, and verbally, these materials solidify SaT’s distinct and competitive strategy and results-driven orientation, fueling its growth and reputation.


The new brand, steeped in winning, excites clients and employees alike. The brand still maintains its position in the “Big Four” and was even named International Firm of the Year in 2020 by TRI.

Dawn Quinn, former director, of US- East, Strategic Operations explains, "Ideon greatly increased our visibility in the market. They are helping us win new engagements by bringing us a new brand identity and creating a strategy for constant and sustained dialog with our clients and the media."