Leveraging the power of visual identity for high octane global literacy impact

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Across the world, over two billion people are underserved by their financial systems and lack access to secure, fair banking, loans and saving products. For almost 50 years, Accion has helped bring financial power to excluded groups by leveraging capital markets to address financial inequality, inclusion and poverty. This global non-profit organization started in Venezuela as a community development initiative and has grown into one of the world’s most influential financial inclusion organizations.

Before coming to Ideon, Accion’s global and domestic efforts lacked a unifying brand, creating confusion for clients and financial institutions alike. Ideon transformed Accion from a transactional “What” brand to a communicative “Why” brand through brand positioning, messaging, architecture, design and activation for its global and US organizations—helping to centralize Accion’s identity and assert its category dominance.


Ideon’s rebrand began with research and actionable findings to fuel brand positioning that defined Accion as a collaborative partner not just a microfinance lender. Ideon’s strategy further redefined Accion as the microfinance thought leader: a new, dynamic “bank” for entrepreneurs and philanthropists everywhere; and an educative partner and advocate. We reflected this strategy in Accion’s new brand story and design, especially Accion’s new logo.

Accion’s new bold and eye-catching logo incorporates an upward facing, orange arrow which symbolizes the limitless potential of partnering with Accion. It also mimics the common sign for a home in the developing world, signaling Accion’s investment in people, families and communities.  

Aside from the logo, visual identity and guidelines, Ideon also created a suite of brand activation materials in fiery orange hues, reinforcing the updated contemporary feel of the brand. This new visual identity clearly embodied the dawn of a new world in microfinance and lending while highlighting Accion’s warmth and human-facing priorities. 


Ideon’s rebranding fueled Accion’s growth, adding 3 million additional borrowers since the refresh. Accion added Mastercard as a key partner, fueling a pivotal shift in the organization’s role in the global financial world. In 2020, Accion US formed the Accion Opportunity Fund, a financial support system to help US small business owners gain access to capital, loans and business support services. Accion’s scale is a testament to the power of a new, unified “Why” brand strategy and identity.  

Thrilled with our work, the organization says, “Ideon's rebranding of Accion was a crucial step in the evolution of the organization into a truly global nonprofit. The rebranding involved not only a new brand identity but a name change as well—from Accion International to Accion. The name change was not something that we had envisioned; it was a recommendation of Ideon. That recommendation speaks to Ideon's great value: its ability to assess a client's needs and be straightforward and creative in recommending ways to address them. Since the rebranding, Accion has significantly enhanced its visibility as a major global nonprofit, with numerous new partners on four continents. Ideon's work played an important part in that evolution.”