Estee Lauder

Shifting a leading beauty retailer to a customer-centric and global dominance model

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As department store shopping started to become obsolete in the 2010’s, legacy beauty brands like Estee Lauder were forced to define a new sales strategies for an increasingly digital and e-commerce world across global borders.

 La Mer, one of Estee Lauder’s most profitable and luxurious skincare brands, lacked a direct customer following given its exclusive selling through department stores in the USA and other 3rd parties globally. As the digital revolution transformed luxury shopping habits, Estee Lauder forced to initiated a rethink of how to engage in the new normal.

Ideon entirely retooled La Mer from a “what” brand sold at department stores to a competitive “why” brand re-connected to its iconic past and digital future. Ideon was tasked with discovering how to boost brand relevancy, especially for millennials. Through deep market insight into consumer behavior, Ideon leveraged the brand into the digitally integrated beauty behemoth it is today.

To help La Mer improve raise migration rates and increase drive growth, Ideon’s market research focused on the brand’s global customer relationship marketing strategy determining 11 distinct lifestyle with detailed paths to drive buyers. These lifestyle clusters informed our dynamic migration model which creatively lead La Mer’s Global CRM Program to success.

Ideon crafted a detailed transformation roadmap with “new rules of engagement” to clarify the customer-facing brand approach. The consumer journey was illustrated along an “engagement wheel” which highlights the centrality of the consumer and phases along their purchase cycle. Ideon discovered vital growth opportunities for products in different global regions and developed unique strategies per customer base and location.

Ideon’s strategy to retain customers were our onboarding programs to shift to a culture of customer service and evergreen follow up program with customers post purchases. This transformed La Mer into a customer-centric “why” brand and drive significant growth world-wide.

In addition, Estee Lauder also asked Ideon to analyze customer and buying behaviors at Mac Cosmetics and Joanne Malone and to create new sales strategies for both these iconic brands.

Estee Lauder grew 8% from 2014-2018 with Ideon’s imaginative branding. Ideon is honored to have ushered such iconic brands into customer centricity with new points of sale in airports and digitally integrated e-commerce platforms. Ideon looks forward to watching La Mer continue to grow and strengthen Estee Lauder’s iconic brand equity in the future.

A former SVP CRM, Estee Lauder (confidential) is a fan, explaining "Ideon strategically consulted over years to help grow our business via a deeper understanding of our customers. Ideon's team mined our data to drive actionable insights, cultivate our consumers and elevate our brand to beloved status. Thanks to Ideon's broad-scale analysis, unique insights and CRM strategies, we've renewed and strengthened consumers' loyalty and love for the brand.  I just can't thank Andrea and Ideon enough.."