Freelancers Union

Pivoting to become the integrated voice and communications engine of the new, networked freelance economy

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Freelancers Union (FU) is a national nonprofit promoting the interests of independent workers through advocacy, insurance, education, services, and monthly meetings. The group advocated for freelancer insurance long before it became available under Obamacare. Before coming to Ideon, the organization faced numerous political, brand, and communication challenges amid shifts in the insurance environment and ACA, as well as changes in customer preferences and behaviors.

FU asked Ideon to help it grow nationally and lead the freelance economy conversation – an exciting pursuit which we propelled through a bold and visionary “Why” brand strategy. Our extensive market research revealed that although FU was an acknowledged leader, the organization lacked proper communications tools to manage its brand and business while addressing regulations. As the non-profit faced mounting political, funding, and engagement risks, FU clearly needed better management tools to leverage its processes and people.

Ideon crafted an approachable and flexible brand story was crafted to emotionally connect the brand to members and help FU navigate and respond to the constantly changing world of healthcare insurance and freelance work. Previously service based complex communications channels were consolidated into a strategic communications roadmap which set clear positions on topics from healthcare to economic strength – solidifying the internal and external brand voice for employees and stakeholders to follow. 

A Phase 2 national communications campaign, “Join the Party”, was created to attract freelancers to the cause, deliver a sense of tangible engagement, and foster widespread enthusiasm for FU. The campaign shifted the national understanding into one where a freelance economy is vital and will shape the nation’s future. The inclusive call to action – “Join the Party”—is both inviting and whimsical, positioning FU as the go-to partner for all independent workers. The campaign highlighted FU’s relevancy and credibility as the largest growing organization representing 57 million independent workers in the US.

Through extensively refining FU’s operations, communications and experiences, Ideon transformed FU into a force to be reckoned with. Each communications channel was reinvented to match a new friendly and transparent voice which places members and their economic value at the center of the conversation.

Ideon is honored to have repositioned FU as a human facing nonprofit with a “Why” brand that can live outside itself as the go to voice and advocate for freelancers and their benefits. 

Sara Horowitz, Founder and former CEO is a fan, explaining "Andrea and her Ideon team are far more than a branding agency, and we have come to rely on them as a trusted advisor. They are an amazing resource of senior talent and brilliant thinking, and I love, trust and respect their work."