Watson Adventures

Calibrating around customer centricity for America’s pre-eminent scavenger hunt company

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Watson Adventures is a pioneer in the scavenger hunt industry with offerings in major USA cities. Watson’s hunts are uniquely intellectual and witty, with client experience ranging from corporate team building with a dash of culture, public hunts with a twist in museums, or private hunts.

After an onslaught of high-tech startup competitors came onto the scene, Watson wanted to leverage its brand to its prior top, competitive position.

Ideon crafted an emotive brand story, identity, and positioning at the intersection of Sherlock Holmes and Indiana Jones, expressing the brand’s approachability and inquisitiveness. Not only does this identity invoke memories of childhood adventure and discovery, it lets customers know what their experience will be like from the very first interaction. Under a new Why strategy, we let companies and customers know the real value of a scavenger hunt as an intellectually fun, team building activity with real enjoyment.

As the technology game industry budded, we pushed Watson to go online and modernize every aspect of the customer experience. A new website was created with easy online navigation planning and a booking tool where customers could actively engage with the fun spirited company. defined three clear lines of business for Watson, helping to shift them further into the corporate arena and leverage their team building offerings. We also consulted Watson on differentiating between its corporate clients and household ones, helping to leverage its brand equity and history to make it the go-to team building scavenger hunt for Fortune 500 companies, with clients since the rebrand ranging from Amazon, Apple, Oracle, JPMorgan, and Oprah Magazine.

Comparing Watson among the competitive landscape, Ideon designed a new, bold logo which unifies the new brand in a dynamic, warm and quirky visual and verbal identity. The new identity stands out from competitors and has positioned Watson to lead in experiential gaming and scavenger hunts for corporates and families alike.

Ideon is honored to have reimagined Watson’s brand positioning as well as to have consulted them for over 10 years to sustain brand compliance. Under the modern and savvy brand, Watson continues to grow and lead the scavenger hunt market across the US.

Tom Watson, Board Member/Co-Founder and former Vice Chairman Emeritus Omnicom/Dean Omnicom University is a fan, explaining "Ideon provided strategic consulting to Watson Adventures—specifically helping to grow the business by 25% through a unique type of differentiated brand positioning. Ideon’s work in developing the game industry helped Watson Adventures become the market leader."